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Norbaforce Steep Angled Feet

Norbaforce Steep Angled Feet

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If you are looking to increase the typing angle of your Norbaforce, look no further. These feet or "wedges" allow for your board to be used at a steeper 7.5 degree typing angle (very similar to that of a stock HHKB classic). These feet come in a variety of colors and will give your Norbaforce a new look while providing functional value. These feet are only compatible with the Norbaforce. 

Please note, you will need to re-use the rubber pads from the original wedges or from the back of the Norbaforce. You will also need to re-use the hardware from the original feet since they are not included with this item (M3 buttonhead screws x 5mm long). 


Colors: Black, White, Pink, Red, Nebula (May Vary), Mystic (May Vary)
Material: PLA


• Compatible with the Norbaforce Case
• Requires Original Pads and Hardware
• 7.5 Degree Typing Angle
• Made from PLA


3D printed products ship out within 1-5 business days depending on current stock and order volume.

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Norbaforce Risers

Complete game changer for the Norbaforce is you have one. Makes the typing way more comfortable compared to the stock risers. I got them in pink and the print is beautiful