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Product Announcement: Custom Wrist Rests

We've been working hard here at Desk Cookies to provide options for everybody to find the desk accessory they want, which is why we are introducing custom wrist rests. We understand that not everybody is looking for the designs we currently sell and some people are looking for something very specific. Being able to have a custom item made can be difficult sometimes, especially when you need something very specific to match the rest of your setup. Although we don't have a product page dedicate to custom wrist rests, we take custom requests through the contact form on our Custom Resin Keyboard Wrist Rests page. This form makes it easy for you to reach out to us with all of the details you are looking for in your wrist rest and we can keep all of the requests organized so we can get back to everybody in a timely manner.

When requesting a custom resin wrist rest, some important features to cover are what colors you want, the size, and if you want a specific design. Images or samples of the colors make the process much easier. Although we are limited to what we can actually create, we try our best to fulfill everybody's requests. Once we get to your request and make sure it's something we can do, we will respond as soon as possible for any extra information we might need along with the pricing. Depending on the number of colors, size, and complexity of the design, pricing may vary.

Along with our other wrist rests, the processing time can be several weeks, as we will need to order the resin if we don't have the colors needed available. Depending on what colors are being used, the processing time could only be a few days if we have everything we need. We will let you know in our request response the estimated time it will take to fulfill your custom request. By ordering a custom wrist rest, you'll be getting a handmade item, making it unique in its own way. Not only will you have the wrist rest that you envisioned yourself, but it will be different from all the others.

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