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Moonstone and "Shocked by Thock" Desk Mat Updates

Hello everyone! We'd like to thank everybody as you continue to provide us with feedback and suggestions on our Moonstone and "Shocked by Thock" desk mat designs. We will be providing updates on the interest check and group buy on this post so everybody can see the progress on the mats as well as changes we've made based on your feedback.

Neutral Moonstone

Neutral Moonstone Desk Mat

Currently there have been no changes to the Neutral Moonstone desk mat.

DS Moonstone v2

DS Moonstone v2 Desk Mat

This is the most recent version based on feedback. The hand on the astronaut has been made larger.

Below is a version of this mat with neutral colors and a version with orange and black colors.

Neutral DS Moonstone v2 Desk Mat

Orange/Black DS Moonstone v2 Desk Mat

Blue "Shocked by Thock"

Blue "Shocked by Thock" Desk Mat

This is the current version of this desk mat. Below we have a different version which could potentially be used.

Blue "Shocked by Thock" v2 Desk Mat

We will update this post regularly to keep everybody up-to-date on all of the changes we make!

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