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Featured Product: Subway Transit Desk Mat

The Subway Transit Desk Mat with Stitched Edges features a simplistic yet colorful design on a clean white background. This large desk mat measures approximately 35" x 16", making it easy to protect a large portion of your desk's surface while giving you enough room to place your keyboard, mouse, and any other items to make your desk more organized. If you're getting tired of your mouse pad sliding around constantly or if you find that you run out of room when moving your mouse around, this desk mat provides more than enough space. The non-slip rubber base on this mat ensures it won't move around on you, so you can stay focused on your work or game without needing to worry about re-positioning your mat. Many desk mats have edges that will fray over time, but luckily the stitched edges on this mat will prevent that. The simple design of this mat makes it great for an office setup, but it can also be a great choice for a gaming setup.

When it comes to choosing a desk mat, many people prefer to choose one that will cover their desired area while matching with the rest of their setup. Many gaming setups have more colors and unique designs, while workspace setups feature simple colors or patterns. This isn't always the case though, as there's no reason you can't make your workspace a little more lively and fun. This desk mat would go great with a matching white keyboard and mouse, but it can also go great with most colors due to the variety of line colors. Whether you're looking to add a mat to your current theme, start a new theme, or if you just want a nice and simple desk pad to protect your desk's surface, the Subway Transit Desk Mat is a great option.

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