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Benefits of Microphone Boom Arms

Microphones are extremely popular within the gaming industry, whether you're using it to communicate with your friends and other players or if you're streaming and talking to your viewers. Many people are also using them to communicate with their team while working from home. These microphones all include a simple desk mount so you can place the microphone on your desk and speak into it, but sometimes that can cause issues for certain people. Some people might find that there's not enough room on their desk for the microphone or it isn't picking up everything that they're saying. This is why many people have started using microphone boom arms and boom arm mounts as they provide a variety of benefits.

One major benefit of using a microphone boom arm is it makes it easier to create a comfortable microphone setup. You can place the boom arm where there's space behind your setup or to the side and then lower your microphone to a spot where you won't need to constantly move for it to pick up your sound. This will also improve the quality of what you're saying, as there's not going to be any interference from noises on the desk. Microphone boom arms are popular among streamers and people that have podcasts as they can easily swivel the microphone to where it is most comfortable for them. Microphone boom arms can also be enhanced with mounts if you don't like the original setup.

Many microphones are designed to screw directly onto microphone boom arms, but they aren't all the same. Some boom arms have different threads than what your microphone might have, or the angle might seem odd. Microphone mounts can make it easy to attach your microphone directly to a boom arm while providing a better angle. For instance, our 3D Printed Blue Yeti Mount, 3D Printed Blue Yeti X Mount, and 3D Printed Blue Yeti Nano Mount make it easy to attach your Blue Yeti microphones so you can adjust them to how you like while still being low profile. Another popular microphone is the Elgato Wave, so we created a 3D Printed Elgato Wave Mount which is a thicker version of the mount that comes with the microphone. The HyperX SoloCast is a newer and more economical microphone which can use our 3D Printed HyperX SoloCast Mount Adapter to attach the microphone and the mount directly onto your boom arm.

3D Printed Elgato Wave Microphone Mount

Another benefit of using a microphone boom arm is it will keep your setup organized. You won't necessarily need to move things around in front of your monitor to make room for your new microphone. This is especially important if you're working from home and need to keep enough space to lay out your work. Since the boom arm can be lowered and raised, you also won't need to adjust the positioning in your chair. If you use a regular desk mount, it can make you uncomfortable, but with a boom arm you can stay relaxed and move the microphone to the perfect position.

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