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10 Essential Desk Accessories For Working From Home

Once people started to work from home, it was important to make sure they had everything they needed to be as productive as they were in the office. For many people, it was a big change and it was easy to get distracted at home. Not only is it important to be productive at work, but it is also important to be comfortable so you can stay focused. While some accessories can boost your productivity, others can spruce up your setup to boost your mood and make it feel a little more comforting. Although working from home is a completely different environment, there are many accessories you can add to your desk to make it feel a little more like the office.

Desk Mat: A good desk mat, such as the Subway Transit Desk Mat with Stitched Edges can protect a large portion of the surface of your desk. Not only does it protect the surface, but it can replace your smaller mouse pad and give you more room to move your mouse around while also keeping your keyboard on it. Stitched edges are a great choice for a desk mat as it won't fray over time, but it's not a necessary component. A desk mat with a rubber base will prevent it from sliding around on you so you can stay focused on your task. Desk mats also make it easier to stay organized as you can have different items set up on different parts of the mat.

Pen Holder: Pen and pencil holders, or organizers, are an accessory everybody should keep on their desk. This is definitely an accessory most people will have had on their desk back at the office. These holders will keep your desk organized and will prevent you from losing your pens and pencils every time you use one, which can save you a little bit of money in the long run from not needing to keep buying more packs. There are a wide range of pen holders on the market, such as simple bin-shaped holders to more complex organizers with room for other items, such as erasers and paper clips. It will also clear up some space on your desk since you won't have all those little items scattered around.

Wireless Phone Charger: A wireless phone charger makes it easy to keep your phone charged while getting rid of one extra cable. It also makes it convenient as you can have your phone right next to you on your desk so you can still use it. Your co-workers or boss will still be able to reach you easily with a phone call or text in case anything important pops up throughout the day. It's also important to have your phone ready to see notifications, especially if you do the social media marketing. By having a spot on your desk dedicated to your phone charger, you can always have your phone ready with a full charge.

Computer Glasses: Computer glasses, or blue light glasses, are great for those who have to stare at their computer screens for long periods of time. They are also great if you have to stare at your phone screen for long periods of time. Programmers especially can benefit from these glasses when they have to continuously look at long lines of code. Even if you don't have to stare at your screen for long periods of time but want something to prevent any strain on your eyes, a pair of computer glasses will do the trick. It is important to give your eyes a break throughout the workday, so if computer glasses aren't your thing, use your breaks to walk around a bit or get some fresh air.

Wireless Mouse: A wireless mouse allows you to move your hand freely without another cable taking up room on your desk or getting in the way. The great part about picking out your own mouse for your home work setup is you can choose something that you'll enjoy. There are so many wireless mice on the market, there are colors and designs for everyone. They also have different features, such as added buttons or even different shapes to make it more comfortable for your hand. Depending on your mouse pad or desk mat, it can be easy to find one that matches the rest of your setup.

Wrist Rest: A good wrist rest can reduce strain and discomfort on your wrists, so you can stay focused on your task. The Solid Color Resin Keyboard Wrist Rest provides comfort for your wrists while adding a simple color to the rest of your setup. There are a variety of wrist rests on the market, with materials such as resin, wood, and foam being some of the most popular. A wrist rest is also great because it allows your hands to move freely along your keyboard, so it won't hinder your performance. Aside from keyboard wrist rests, you can also find a wrist rest to go with your mouse.

Headset: When working from home, you'll still need to collaborate and communicate with your co-workers. A good headset will make it easy to listen to them while also being able to conversate with them. There are plenty of headsets available, so opt for one that has good audio so you can clearly hear your co-workers. It is also a good idea to look for one with comfortable padding since you may be wearing it for a majority of the day. If you don't want to wear an entire headset, another option is to get a pair of headphones and use a microphone, which is a great option if you use a laptop as many have built-in microphones.

Desk Plant: This one isn't for making you more productive, but a desk plant can be a great addition to any work from home setup. It will add a little boost to your desk's look and can spread some good vibes. Not everybody has a favorite plant or flower, so if you want to make your desk pop, look for something unique that you'll enjoy seeing every time you're at your desk. It's also a good idea to opt for something fake rather than a real plant so you don't have to worry about watering it and buying a new one eventually. You can even find a plant that comes with a fun little phrase on the cup it comes in.

Desk Lamp: A desk lamp is a great desk accessory to have if you find yourself working at night. Responding to late-night emails or writing is much easier when you have a bit of light to brighten up your desk. Some people can manage to work at their desk in the dark with the only light coming from their monitor, but for others it is easier to focus with a good light source. Some people might even prefer to have the desk lamp on during the day just to add a bit of brightness. There's a wide variety of desk lamps out there, including ones that allow you to change the brightness levels.

Desk Fan: When it comes to being comfortable at your desk, the summer can be rough when it's extremely hot. A miniature desk fan can keep you cool and comfortable throughout the entire workday while being discreet. Many small desk fans have different power levels, so depending on how hot it is you can set it to your preferred power. Most desk fans are also pretty quiet, so the noise shouldn't be distracting or make you lose your focus. If you do get a desk fan, just be sure to position it so it doesn't end up blowing your papers all over the place.

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You are absolutely right Lily, they definitely do add some inspiration. That Bushido mat is awesome and kawaii desk mats are extremely popular right now. Thanks for sharing that information!

Greg Wright

I believe a good and fun desk mat is worth an investment that you missed on this list. There’s something that makes gaming or working a bit inspiring. Take a look at the Bushido Desk Mat from it is insane!. If you’re into cute stuff like cute kawaii desk mats you can find some there as well. Cool Stuff!

Lily Cruz

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